Wanbli Tate, Criminal, Fraud, ,Scammer, "Former Comanche", "Lakota Artist" and WHITE MAN!

"The Morphing of a Comanche"

Wanbli Tate White Man and Liar    Wanbli Tate White Man and Former Comanche

Wanbli Tate                                "Alex Montana"

This information is for all those who have been deceived, beguiled, used, exploited, slandered, and threatened by this extraordinary incarnation of demonic excrement in the flesh who calls himself and who you know by as "Wanbli Tate". Information below states THIS WHITE MAN IS LAKOTA as well as COMMANCHE!

David Hill on left...                        Leonard Peltier on right 

He is a pathetic, vile, and one of the most fraudulent expressions of outright fraud to ever contaminate the realms of "INDIAN COUNTRY". Interestingly enough, Tate is supported by the "American Indian Movement", esp. the Texas office. Tate is a butt hole to belly button buddies" with a major AIMSTER named DAVID HILL (interviews him on his blog radio program).


Hill is known to be in the know about the rape and murder of Annie Mae Aquash and was THERE during the murder of civil rights activist and African American Ray Robinson Jr. at Wounded Knee in 1973 and who's body has yet to be found. Rumor has it Hill was one of the SHOOTERS of Robinson!

Wanbli Tate used to be a COMANCHE NAMED "ALEX MONTANA" ! After getting a FED TICKET out of the BIG HOUSE AS ALEX MONTANA (see below)...a FELON in other words, he then got the green light from the FEDS to form an organization that "faked" as helping American Indians...while MAKING MONEY to pad his pockets. Hmmmm...I smell CONENTELPRO...why not? Why should anyone believe this sub-human? Perfect FED MATERIAL!

On a personal level...this yellow belly coward has teamed up with ANOTHER FELON named Autumn Two Bulls, to lie about me with pure evil diabolical slander. BUT...you have to realize...this is no more or less then the revealment of their "spiritual genetics" and the fact that in their "reprobate minded condition of being pure servants of darkness and Satan", that they can't do anything other then be who they are in the realms of time. FORTUNATELY...in the "realms of eternity", good hearted human beings will no longer be exposed to these spirits and those like them.

I suggest that all of you who have TATE, Autumn Two Bulls, and AIM as FRIENDS...realize just who you are dealing with. And if you have SENT MONIES to these LIARS...then know you were SCAMMED! Oh...and by the way...in my talking to the FEDS...they could care less about the likes of THESE TWO. So what does that say? Think about THAT! And furthermore. think about WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE FRIENDS WITH!

Richard Boyden - Founder of Operation Morning Star 4.30.11



Wanbli Tate and Broken Arrow Gallery in Blanco Texas have been serving the central Texas area since 1991.Still "the" Art Gallery in Blanco.

Owner and artist in residence Wanbli is an award winning Lakota artist who creates amazing mixed media art and offers his originals and prints for sale at the gallery. Wanbli was formerly Vice Chairman for the American Indian Relegious Rights Foundation ( http://www.airr.org ) for four years till health required him to resign .

Broken Arrow Gallery is located just south of Blanco Texas at 1773 U S 281 South . Next time you plan to visit central Texas visit Blanco and the Blanco State Park and Broken Arrow Gallery . Just 45 min. from Austin and San Antonio.


Touchearth, LLC is located at PO Box 303 Blanco, TX 78606. The officers include Ric Grigsby. Touchearth, LLC was incorporated on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 in the State of TX and is currently active. Corporation Service Company DBA Csc - Lawyers Incorporating Service Company represents Touchearth, LLC as their registered agent.


About airrdirector
Location: Texas

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Texas
Facts: Tenant died on May 26, 2010 (Interstate, no known heirs); Landlord was notified on May 26, 2010 of the death of tenant; Rent was due on June 1, 2010; Landlord was told by the detective handling the death of tenant to hand over all personal property to me; numerous attempts made by me to remove personal property from May 27, 2010 – July 24, 2010 to no avail. Eviction filed (date unknown); eviction court was on July 9, 2010: Judgment in favor of landlord for one month rent. Tenant’s personal property placed on front yard on July 23, 2010; the moment constable left, friends of landlord removed several items in pickups and landlord place the rest of items back in the house. Another attempt on July 23, 2010 was made to gather tenant’s personal items to no avail. Situation was explained to City police and Constable on July 23, 2010, which fell on deaf ears. Landlord removed items in the house on July 24, 2010 with U-haul, and stated to the neighbor that the items will be sold in a yard sell; Landlord would give the neighbor deals at a later time.

Tenant: Counsel Chairman for American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR) (Non-Profit Organization)

Who I am: I am the Directors of AIRR; I am also POD on tenant’s bank account

All personal property of tenant’s was bought using AIRR funds; Rent was paid also using AIRR funds; I have two current rent receipts stating: “tenant’s name AIRR”. Have requested copy of lease to Landlord, but she refuses to give me one. I have all receipts/transactions for property. I have been able to gets tenant’s papers (July 23, 2010), but cannot find a lease (written lease for one (1) year) in them.


72: American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR) citation webpage American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR) is a non-profit organization that works to represent and support American Indian prisoners incarcerated within the prison facilities of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Institutional Division with the intent to expand nation-wide. Their objectives are to build a public foundation of support to secure and protect the religious and spiritual needs of the American Indian prisoners. AIRR goal is to preserve and protect the religion of American Indians.


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National Tally Endorser: American Indian Religious Rights Foundation
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Hill City, SD

Native American Civil Rights Movement
In the mid- to late 20th century, Native American activism has focused on many aspects of protecting and gaining rights for Native Americans on their own land and under the jurisdiction of the United States. Groups such as the American Indian Movement (AIM), the American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR), and United Native Americans (UNA) have demanded self-determination, religious rights, land rights, and protection under past treaties from the U.S. federal and state governments. It has been difficult, however, for many Native American nations to gain any protection or recognition of sovereignty from the United States, just as it has been difficult for Native American individuals to obtain civil rights protection under U.S. laws. Nevertheless, direct political action, demonstrated by the occupations of Alcatraz in 1969, the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1972, and Wounded Knee in South Dakota in 1973, as well as a strong literary movement to reclaim Native American culture and heritage, have helped to raise awareness about the many injustices and obstacles Native Americans face. Just as annual ceremonial services at Alcatraz on Thanksgiving Day continue to mourn and honor the many people who have lost their lives and homes in the struggles for Native American rights, the Native American literary renaissance and civil rights movement continue to give voice to people who have been marginalized for hundreds of years.

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American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR) URL: http://www.airr.org/ Address:
United States Office Administration
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Hill City, SD 57745 USA Synopsis:
American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR) is a non-profit organization that works to represent and support American Indian prisoners incarcerated within the prison facilities of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Institutional Division with the intent to expand nation-wide. Their objectives are to build a public foundation of support to secure and protect the religious and spiritual needs of the American Indian prisoners. AIRR goal is to preserve and protect the religion of American Indians. Keywords:
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AIRRF Christian Organization
PO Box 462
Hill City, S.D. 57745-0462


American Indian Religious Rights Foundation
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American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRRDakota 57745 0462 International Office France AIRR 3 Passage de la Fontaine, 94800 Villejuif, France ... area, of, for example, land and water rights disputes with the federal government, tribal recognition ... to represent American Indian prisoners. Our objective is to build a public foundation of support to secure


American Indian Religious Rights Foundation [AIRR] (USA - Nonprofit Organization : Religious Rights/Prisoners)
airrfoundation@altavista.net 4/00


Column with Contents
American Indian Religious Rights Foundation Contact Membership Links Urgent Action Support AIRR's Chairman, Alex Montana, in his quest to see justice regarding his Disciplinary Case #2002020190, which was initiated with a trumped-up charge in retaliation for refusing to perform illegal alterations on personal clothing belonging to a prison guard, and has been plagued with irregularities and


Alex Montana
448568 Ramsey I
1100 FM 655
Rosharon Texas
77583 - USA

A L E X M O N T A N A 
Incarcéré depuis 19 ans au Texas
Lutte pour les droits religieux"Our religion is a part of who we are. Without it, the Circle of our people's culture, tradition, heritage and future is broken"


American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR)
P.O. Box 462
Hill City, South Dakota 57745-0462

AIRR was created in 1999 as a nonprofit for the distinct purpose of building a public foundation of support to secure and protect the religious rights and spiritual needs of incarcerated American Indians. These individuals are essentially being cut off from communication and kinship with their tribe.

AIRR also pushes prison systems to establish a plan for the training and education of employees in American Indian religious beliefs and practices; record proper race identification of American Indians; and recognize Native American religion as a valid form of therapy and rehabilitation.


Go to Alex his AIRRpage

I am an American Indian (Comanche), imprisoned in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Institutional Division
When I first entered prison on April 8, 1987, I knew very little about what legal rights I had at the time that actually existed. And I certainly did not know that one of those rights prohibited me from being held down and my hair forcibly cut by prison officials, regardless of my religious beliefs. Nevertheless, that is exactly what took place.
Alex Montana #448568
Eastham P. O. BOX 16 LOVELADY, TEXAS 75851 U.S.A.



I am writing on behalf of Alex Montana, a Comanche prisoner in the Texas penal system, who has established the American Indian Religious Rights Fund (AIRRF). The objectives of this non-profit organization are to support ALL American Indian prisoners within Texas prison facilities and to gain public support urging for legislative action to secure and protect the religious and spiritual needs of American Indian prisoners……
Should you require any further information, please write to:
Alex Montana (Chairman) or 
Linda Davenport (Secretary/Treasurer) 
American Indian Religious Rights Fund 
Suite D-109-183 
Austin, Texas 78704-4785 
Fax: 1-512-707-9665

To this end, Alex Montana and others have formed the American Indian Religious Rights Foundation (AIRR). I am one of the co-chairmans and Linda Gonzalez is the secretary/treasurer at AIRR headquarters. She is hard working and helping make our dreams of religious freedom in Texas prisons become a reality. For more information please contact her at 3005 Lamar Blvd., STE. D109-183, Austin, Texas 78704. In other good news, Lenny Foster, who is coordinator of the National Native American Prisoners Rights Coalition and director of the Navajo Nation's Corrections Project has joined our struggle……

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Standing Deer June 2, 1999 Robert H. Wilson #640289 Pack 1, 2400 Wallace Pack Rd. Navasota, Texas 77869

Translated from French Post
12 when Grandmother raising him dies, leaving him with no family. Accident later leaves him in hospital bed for two years with painful ordeal

Arrested Sept 1986 at age 23 enters prison on April 8th 1987 for car theft and perjury. Sentenced to 7 years. (As of 2002 he is still, or has returned to prison according to what I see here.)

Après avoir essuyé plusieurs refus polis, il obtient en décembre 2003 une entrevue avec Meredith Martin Rountree une avocate collaborant avec l'ACLU du Texas. After weathering several polite refusals, in December 2003 he obtained an interview with Meredith Martin Rountree a lawyer working with the ACLU of Texas. Celle-ci semble sincèrement intéressée par son cas et exprime le désir de l'aider à défendre sa cause soit directement, soit en sollicitant les compétences d'un de ses confrères. It seems genuinely interested in his case and expressed the desire to help his case either directly or by seeking the expertise of one of his colleagues.

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