All truth passes through three stages 

First...It is ridiculed. 

Second...It is violently opposed. 

Third...It is accepted as being self-evident.


Upon suffering beyond suffering; the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world.  A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I  salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one."

~ Crazy Horse ~

 Genocide of American Indians: A Sociological View  , ,  Indigenous People of America Have The Right To Exist,    Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization 

    The New Iraq  sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge       Five Hundred Years of Injustice      Forced Sterilization of American Indian Women   

   "The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian"    "America's Pathological Behavior"      American Indian Sovereignty: Now you see it, now you don't!  

 American Holocaust"    how the west was "stolen"

Donate A Vehicle Direct To A Lakota/Dakota Family

Your donation of a working vehicle goes direct (you put THEIR NAME on the title) to a family in need and you can deliver your "gift" personally.


Angel of Pine Ridge

Article by Paul Beaver


Please enjoy what we hope will be a one of a kind enlightening, edifying, and educational experience as related to all things  pertaining to...

"Indian Country"!

 Richard Boyden - Founder-


This is a  " LONG  SCROLL DOWN WEB PAGE" containing

Mission Information,     Accomplishments,     Indian Country News,     History,    &   Commentary - Current Issues

A Short Abridged History of OMS Work in "Indian Country" during the last 10 years with Photos

07 Christmas Trip Review to Pine Ridge , Rosebud , Cheyenne River , and Crow Creek Reservations with photos. Gave away 41 NEW wood burning stoves with install kits, food supplies, appliances, hot water heaters. clothing, and toys.

A Few Reference Letters


Photos of our 3-08 Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to the home of Ron Red Cloud, direct descendent of Chief Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota. 

Click "Photo" to see PHOTOS! - Long download.. 


The June Summer Crow Creek Indian Reservation Youth Camp Needs Help! 

Camp is JUNE9-13th

Click HERE for list of items needed.


You can also send monetary donations too!

Mailing Address to send items to is: Beatrice and Ed Whiting, 34912 - 236th St.,  Tukwana, SD 57370

Contact Beatrice Whiting at 605-245-2872 during "work hours".


Thanks to Valeria Richardson and Fran Combs (retired) of the Washington Times for the 20 Dec. 07 article.

Click HERE to read!


"Adopted/Sponsored" Elder and Member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe - Photo by Paul Beaver



Will You "Adopt" an Elder or Family?

Among American Indians who observe the non-Indian "panic" over high prices of food and fuel etc., their daily reality has been political and socially engineered poverty by the same "folks" who are now doing the same to the rest of America1

Hugo Chavez Steps Up for American Indian Elders and Families! 


Not ONE American corporation, philanthropic organization, or "Hollywood Celeb" with the financial ability did what Chavez did for American Indians. Yet this man is called a TERRORIST!

M i s s i o n   S t a t e m e n t

A  5 0 1  ( c )  ( 3 )  C h a r i t y

Operation Morning Star Mission Programs

1.  List of Needed Supplies Such as Food, Clothing, etc.

2.  Adopt A Lakota Family Or Elder Sponsorship Program


This to replace                                                                  This

3.  Geodesic Dome Home Housing Project and Economic Development

4.  Donate A Vehicle Direct To A Lakota/Dakota Family

 5.  Wood Burning Stove Heating Assistance Program

  6.  Water Purification System

7.  "Indian Country" History and Information

8.  Operation Morning Star Needs

Contact Information




Preface to Operation Morning Star Web Page

Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) gang of "House Negros" (who started their own "Black Indian Nation) and  "Buffalo Soldiers" led by African American's Diane Watson and Mel Watts representing  "the not on the Dawes Rolls Freedmen" want...

ALL of "Indian Country" to be deprived of Treaty Promised Health Care" and Housing as well as having the Cherokee Nation "Legally Terminated"!

Portrait of Congresswoman Diane Watson

"Buffalo Soldier" Rep. Watson Attacks Cherokee Nation

Trail of Tears - A Death March of the Cherokee

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 1)

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 2)

Black Congresswoman Diane Watson Attempts To Legislate The Genocide/Termination Of The Cherokee Nation 

 Rep. Cole charges 'B L A C K-mail' in Freedmen dispute

"This is legislating with a gun to the head of the Cherokee Nation," Cole told The Tulsa World.

How WHITE KKK of them! Say Casino Money"!

NOTE: The KKK was started by Free Masons!

The Black Congressional Caucus and the NAACP are the racially and spiritually spawned by Satan symbiotic twins of Andrew Jackson and George Custer! They are members of the the Satanic Luciferian group called

"Royal Arch Masons" "Prince Hall Masons"!

Free Masons are the architects of "Manifest Destiny" Indian Country Genocide from the the beginning of European and are the primary formulators of every act of war and land stealing "treaties" while being backed by the Masonic controlled Supreme Court which has been instrumental in "legalizing" Indian said genocide!

This Lucifer Praising Satanic inspired organization called the Congressional Black Caucus is leading the attack on Indian Nation Sovereignty  as "pimps" running point for all the Indian Hating Free Masonic Whites in the House and Senate who want "Indian Treaties" terminated and the total elimination of Tribal Sovereignty!!

Obama, Diane Watson and the Congressional Black Caucus Racism against Indian Country and the Cherokee Nation 

What we are witnessing is the CDC once again doing the work of their Free Masonic WHITE "Massas" as "Incognito Buffalo Soldiers"!

Read what Tim Giago, journalist and member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who writes:

Obama and his Congressional Black Caucus of "Mercenary Buffalo Soldiers" goes after Cherokee Nation and all of Indian Country...the "BLACK KKK!

"The Congressional Black Caucus, in attacking the sovereign status of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is placing in question and in jeopardy, the sovereign status of all Indian nations."

In a memo sent out by Indian activist Ron Andrade it was noted that...Obama is also a member of the CBC!

“Someone needs to ask him how he can reconcile his support of the Congressional Black Caucus and his rhetoric about supporting the sovereign status of tribal governments,”  Andrade wrote.

Read this from "Indian Country"...

Oh Boy...just heard that Obama is going to place an Indian in his cabinet! Yep, he is going to need ONE, a "Tom-A-Jane-A-Hawk" to explain why he and his "homies" did NOT support the Sovereign Status of Tribal Governments.

Notice Obama does NOT salute the flag! What a slap in the fact to ALL AMERICAN INDIAN VETERANS!


Black Buffalo Soldiers at Pine Ridge in 1890 and who brought two of the Hotchkiss Cannon/Machine guns used to murder in cold blood 300 Lakota children, women , and men at WOUNDED KNEE! They "did their job" which was NOTHING to stop this massacre!

Buffalo Soldiers Receive 17 Congressional Medals Of Honor For Murdering American Indians On Behalf Of Their "White Masters"...the United States Government! 

“House Negro” Diane E. Watson and the Congressional Black “Buffalo Soldier” Caucus Reintroduce the “White Man’s” Version of the “Cherokee Stomp Dance”


Click The Map Of California to See California Indian Pre-Contact Territory and Land which was stolen and the people murdered in the process.

The 1850 Slavery Act For American Indians - In the State of CBC Congresswoman Diane Watson

California Indian History - Genocide

You don't hear Watson or the CDC or "Jews" for that matter, calling for "reparations" for the American Indians in California who were slaughtered and had their land stolen and where she personally lives do you? 

What racist feral hypocrisy! 

Who's Illegals ?: Government and Public Policy, Failure and Genocide in California

NOTICE! This is African American Diane Watson's home state!

The most blatant double standard of RACISM that is acceptable to America is found in SPORTS. It should be pointed out that the predominately "BLACK"  professional football team headquartered in their city of residence, Washington D.C. is the "Washington Redskins".  Did you know that the name "REDSKIN" finds it's source in the blood and body parts of raped, murdered, and mutilated American Indians, who's body parts were the "documented DNA" (Dead Native American) required to get paid the bounty money one was to receive for their crime against this Human Race?

 Probably not thanks to the Jewish controlled media. It is obvious from this perspective that the maxim "The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian" remains in effect in the minds of non-Indian America! God forbid if we called the "Washington Redskins" the "Washington Niggerskins"! But hey, after all, they are just "Indians" so therefore it is POLITICALLY CORRECT for the MSM, "Christians", "Jews", Whites, and African un-Americans in America to racially slander American Indians while making BILLIONS of dollars off of racially slanderous Indian images.

Free Masonic Nazi "Manifest Destiny" State of South Dakota arresting Yankton Sioux Tribe members protesting a WHITE owned Iowa Hog Farm in the MIDDLE of their Reservation!

 Contemporary Information Pertaining to "Indian Country"!

 Subjects include not only "History" but present day issues affecting "Indian Country" including but not limited to "The Wizard of Oz" and "Nazi's", "Obama", "Oprah", Kevin Costner's exploitation of "Indian Country", New Age Fraud, historical and present day African-American racism against American Indians, Bush, Clinton, Jewish racism and exploitation of American Indians, Catholic Church abuse and other relevant information with the express purpose of attempting to assist in objectively rearranging ones historically damaged brain cells!



          Chief Arvol Looking Horse led a ceremony on Tuesday (4/15/08) to honor more than 1,200 bison that have been slaughtered after they wandered out of Yellowstone National Park.

The Buffalo Field Campaign and the Seventh Generation Fund organized the event. The groups want the federal government to stop allowing the KKK FREE MASONIC NAZI state of Montana to kill bison that leave the park.

This past winter, more than 1,200 bison have been killed, a record number. 

That's nearly one-third of the entire population of bison in the park!

Montana officials are allowed to kill the animals to prevent the transmission of brucellosis, a deadly disease, to cattle.

Get the Story from the WHITE LIARS SIDE::
Buffalo Requiem: Indian ceremony honors slaughtered bison (The Billings Gazette 4/16)



The Government of Canada continues it's genocidal war of extermination against First Nations Peoples!

Click Links One and Two

Government of Canada's Ultimate Objective for 1st Nations



Missing/Murdered First Nations Women in Canada


how the west was "stolen"


Click to Enlarge

The 3 Poorest Counties in the United States are found among the above Reservations and to the condemnation of this country! 

Operation Morning Star has assisted members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (Pine Ridge), Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, all located in North/South Dakota USA. 

Winfrey Dedicates Show to Her Late Dog
The Arrogance of Ignorance

No where else in the usa!

And which the Main Stream Media Conveniently Ignores!


Seven Examples of Incognito Genocide In "Indian Country"!


Law In The Shadow of the Bible


  Jancita Eagle Deer    

This page is dedicated to two innocent American Indian Women who were raped and murdered...

Jancita Eagle Deer and Anna Mae Aquash

See Below For "GRAPHIC" Information!

According to this Jewish writer, Lilian Friedberg there was in fact an American Holocaust

"American Holocaust"

The New World Holocaust!!

 Past genocides Committed Against American Indians

The Annihilation of the Native Americans - With Statistics~!  

Forgotten Founders

How Can You Go To A Church That Killed So Many Indians?

Native American History, Comparative Genocide and the Holocaust

by Brenden Rensink

Historical Sins With The Shellac Of Legality

Reflections on "Manifest Destiny" and Race


Geronimo - His Own Story

Trail of Tears - A Death March of the Cherokee

 Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre

Sand Creek Massacre - US Military/United Methodist Butchery

Trail of Tears from Mississippi walked by our Choctaw ancestors

The Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes

Navajo Long Walk, to the suffering place

The Canadian Holocaust

 Murdered , Missing, and Abused Aboriginals by RCMP and others in Canada

The "Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust - The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada - A Summary of an Ongoing, Independent Inquiry into Canadian Native 'Residential Schools' and their Legacy"

Jeffery Amherst and Smallpox Blankets Of Death For Indians

Paul Harvey Triumphs Smallpox Blankets To Native Americans

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Lord Jeffrey Amherst's letters discussing germ warfare against American Indians .... 

Another Letter Confirming Genocide! 

This was the FIRST use of "Biological Weaponry" in the United States! and against American Indians! 


L. Frank Baum's (Wizard of OZ Author) Editorials on the Sioux (Lakota) Peoples/Nation


The Indian-Oz Connection


The New Age, Hitler and the Occult

Jewish Writer For Wall Street Journal Justifies the Extermination of American Indians!

Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians

The Rhetoric of Extermination

Michael Medved

Michael Medved,  Jewish talk show host, denies the "American Holocaust", the genocide of Native Americans! 

That is like saying there was no "European Holocaust"! Call's Indian Nations "Struggling Stone Age Societies"!


"Rainbow Swastika" - "A Kinder, Gentler, Final Solution" - The New Age Plan for Jews, (Substitute "American Indians" for Jews!) 

Written by Hannah Newman - A Conservative Jew living in Israel and who I had the opportunity to interview 3 times.


The Hopi Prophecy For America!


Click Here

"Good words cannot give me back my children. Good words will not give my people good health and stop them from dying. ... I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and all the broken promises."

 "My father was the first to see through the schemes of the white man, and he warned his tribe to be careful about trading with them. He had suspicion of men whom seemed anxious to make money."

  Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce


Sitting Bull, His Vision of the "Little Big Horn", and Defeat of Custer


Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge

Beyond Reparations: An American Indian Theory of Justice 

Five Hundred Years of Injustice

Forced Sterilization of American Indian Women

"The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian"

"America's Pathological Behavior"

New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus'

American Indian Sovereignty: Now you see it, now you don't!


Yes, we do have "overhead" expenses...all of $400.00 a month (and we "work" too!). 

So IF you can spare some "change" in the form of a "five", "ten", or a "twenty" or two, it would be much appreciated. We average 30+ visits a day and RARELY get any "spare change". Over 40,000 Views...YIKES...if everyone would have donated 10 bucks, we could have built ONE HUNDRED needed homes for American Indian Elders or Families in need! Of course, that did not happen. (See Below). 

 We do NOT get a "salary" doing this. Just for the records sake so I won't be accused of being an "EXPLOITER", I have personally sunk over $70,000 into OMS. This IS a labor of love which unfortunately is not supported anywhere close to what is needed by those who are NOT American Indian and FOR American Indians! This is why I continue to toy with the idea of "Termination".

 By the way, this was posted at the beginning of April and so far, we have  received ONE donation of $50 (4/10). 

As of 4/14 still nothing so the first thing to go will be our "cell phones"! 

 SO...I have decided that if our "overhead" is not covered for this month and/or subsequent months, the month which is NOT covered, will be the month we TERMINATE! 

Richard Boyden - Founder


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Elders and Families OUT OF PROPANE, FOOD, and ELECTRICITY!

Sponsor/Adopt a Elder or Family!


NOT to Operation Morning Star (unlike Red Cross among others). 

We have the names and number and addresses of many in need, give them to you as well as contact names at utility companies and grocery stores. YOU can call those you "sponsor/assist" direct, write to them, even bestow upon them all your monies, properties, and inheritance when you die if you so chose. You can take a trip and go and visit and deliver items of need yourself.


We have "hundreds" of young children who need "formula", wipes, and diapers. You can ship direct or send monies for "credits" at the local grocery stores in their names. 


Contact us if you want to help a family or Elder!

Edna Short Horn

 Kyle - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - Photo by Paul Beaver

Elder Abuse Report

Click Here for gift ideas for elders

Recent Letter Asking for Help for Elder  2/20/08




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List of Needed Supplies Such as Food, Clothing, etc.

Always a shortage of food where we go. In 1999, Harvesters and Heart to Heart here in Kansas City Refused to donate one crumb of food for the 1999 Tornado Victims in the community of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation...yet they ship off food and help everywhere else in this country and around the world! Ask them WHY!

"Indian Country" has a ongoing daily need for ALL of the items below, especially FOOD and "Housekeeping" Items.


Food Items







  • Canned meats, fish, vegetables
  • Flour, 20#, 50# Bags
  • Rice        "
  • Pinto Beans    " 
  • Cooking Oil
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Canned and Dry Milk
  • Pastas
  • Sauces
  • Crackers
  • Bread and mixes
  • Honey
  • Ketchup


Working Condition Only

  • Stoves

  • Refrigerators

  • Freezers

  • Washers

  • Dryers

  • Wood Stoves

  • Wood Splitters

  • Chain saws

  • Gardening
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Travel and 
  • House 
  • Trailers
  • Diapers
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine Hygiene Items
  • Tooth paste
  • Tooth brushes
  • Soap
  • Cleaning products
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Dish Sets

Also, you can mail or deliver the above items direct to families or elders if you so chose!

Please contact us for names of families and Elders.

 Thank You.


Geodesic Dome Home Housing Project and Economic Development


H o u s i n g   N e e d   I

"I n d i a n  C o u n t r y"

F.E.M.A'S Free Toxic Cancer/Death Causing Travel Trailers Offered by the U.S. Government

Formaldehyde and Cancer: What was hid from Indian Country

CDC Suppressed Toxic Trailer Warnings 

Anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 "Mobile Homes" have been offered to "Indian Country" by FEMA and FEMA has not scheduled them to be tested for toxic contamination! 

FEMA  Hires and Uses Criminals  

  HUD Housing Corruption

Why is $59 Billion Missing From HUD

HUD Scandals


   According to the 2003 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights report,


"A Quiet Crisis: Federal Funding and Unmet Needs in Indian Country,"




90,000 Native American families are homeless or under-housed. 

An estimated 200,000 housing units are needed immediately in Indian country to fill their housing needs. 

More than 32% of households on American Indian reservations are overcrowded, compared with just 4.9% of all American households.

Click photo


Click photos to enlarge







Oprah's uses the "La Petite" Homes for her "pets"...

nothing but the best!

"This house will make your animal feel right at home. Custom built doggie homes designed and built by La Petite Maison, can be constructed with countless interior and exterior options. 

Whether it is cable, running water, electricity, central air or a wireless communication system, LPM can accommodate your wishes. 

Other architectural styles are also available from fairy tale cottages to rustic cabins or even a miniature replica of your home. 

Interior design services are also available to help clients with a variety of interior details such as window treatments, moldings, paint colors, furnishings, rugs and flooring including wood, marble or Mexican tile. 

Each house is a custom piece and the possibilities are endless." 

Pricing starts at 

$ 5,500.00 !



Oprah Weeps Over Tribute to her dead dog...

There should be tears shed because of the conditions young American Indian Children, Women, Men, Elders, and Families live in homes that don't have the "amenities" of her dogs! 





  • Our answer and goal is to put in a place a economic development project to provide needed homes and jobs. We are applying for "grants". 

  • The purpose of the "grants" is to start a vocational school for indigenous youth so that they can learn a skill while building homes for those in need.

  • The homes will be given as "gifts" which means they will be "free" and this is a Lakota tradition that represents the spirituality of the people.

  • This project also includes the marketing of the homes so as to generate the necessary revenue to continue the building of homes and providing of jobs.

Economic development!

Operation Morning Star Dome Home Economic Development Project


Investors/Monies Needed To Start a Vocational School/Manufacturing Facility Where Indian Youth Will Be Instructed in How To Build Needed Homes For Elders and Families.

We Want to Have a Mobil Fabrication Shop to have the ability to move from Reservation to Reservation to build homes. Total Cost for the Mobil Fabrication Shop is $86,000. One 36' Geodesic Dome Fabrication Shop Cost is $24,000. 

With LABOR and MATERIALS, The Cost To Set Up The 22', 24', and 36' Geodesic Dome Homes As A "Model Home Site" on A Specific Reservation Site is $110,000.  We have "Plans" with Itemized Pricing and Costs For This School and Each Home. 


 According to John Yellow Bird Steele, Tribal President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, 

Geodesic Dome Truss Homes Are The Answer To The Housing Need On His Reservation. 

  Click HERE to see a 24' CEDAR FACED Geodesic Dome Home

These homes are


 "Tornado Resistant", and have an energy savings insulation factor between R-25 - 40.

Approximately 700-1400 sq. ft. depending on which size chosen. 22', 24', 32', 36' which have standard alcove designs with a "2d floor" options

  1.                                                                       Click HERE to see a 22' Geodesic Dome Home

  2.                                                                        Click HERE to see a 36' Geodesic Dome Home

  3. The 36' can be used for a Homeless Shelter, a Battered Women's Shelter and out Vocational Training of Indian Youth and Manufacturing Facility

  4. The above homes are especially designed with 4 alcove extensions which allow for extra room for bedrooms, utility room, storage space, or to put the kitchen in. Also, each home has a attached, a separate 14' Geodesic Dome Truss Unit which will function as the bathroom with tub and shower and a storage room.

24' Geodesic Dome Home Without Cedar Siding

  1. The entryway, greenhouse, solar collector structure can also be used as a sauna, solar hot water tank building, or even as an attached combination wood stove-rock heat storage building. 

  2. Movable aluminized board insulation is used to prevent summer over heating and to capture and retain more heat in the winter. 

  3. Black water barrels can be used under back side work table to help moderate temperatures.

  4. This home can be built in one week, with materials costing approximately $15-25,000 depending on which model, size, and options.

  5. A home can accommodate comfortably a 4-6 member family. 

  6. Click Photo to Enlarge


Our Idea Of A 

"Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Extreme Makeover!" 

  • You, your corporation, business, religious organization,  can purchase a 22'  Dome Kit for a family for $25,000 up to 35.000 for a complete 36' Dome Home !

  • A home can be sent in "KIT FORM" and assembled on site of a Elder or Family in need! You can be directly involved and assist in the building of this home as well as participate in a Traditional "Give-Away" to a Elder or Family. Any Takers???????????????????????????

  • Home of Rocky Avery in the city of Eagle Butte on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Indian Reservation. 

    He has NO water or electricity.

     The Tribal "Property and Supply" Manager Galen Means, refuses to allow Rocky to move his trailer to available "lot spots" that have electricity and water. Means also removed Rocky from the "house list" when he was NEXT to be allowed to live in a "condemned" house down the street. But it was better then this. Means is also responsible for NOT distributing to the families and Elders those NEW wood burning stoves we delivered in Feb 07 because they were "to heavy". So I returned in Oct. and "repossessed" them and gave them out to those on the list given me by the Tribal Chairman Brings Plenty. The only 2 stoves given out, were to Means and a friend Ted Minor who is very well to do in the city of Eagle Butte.

    ALL of this goes on under they watchful eyes of Tribal Chairman Joseph Brings Plenty, Margaret Bad Warrior, Tribal Attorney (a White woman),  and the $33,000 a year members of the Tribal Council. 

    But if YOU want to help Rocky, you can donate a used GOOD RV and take it up there! 

    Rocky works by the way. Just not enough there. He does "log cabin work" and IF we ever got our dome home project off the ground, he for sure would be involved. 

Contact Us if you want to invest in a home OR go to "Craigslist" and buy a GOOD USED ONE for Rocky and deliver it to him PERSONALLY! 


Water Purification System

The most contaminated toxic DRINKING water in the USA is in "Indian Country". Might explain the FACT that cancer rates are 800% above the national average! Radiation, arsenic, and the list goes on. Just recently in the Rapid City Journal, it was front page news that SIX sources of water affecting WHITE PEOPLE is documented to have radiation in it! YIKES! 

What goes around comes around and these contaminates are in the MISSOURI RIVER which flows into the MISSISSIPPI RIVER!

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howell painting

The Operation Morning Star Web Page

is dedicated to these two innocent American Indian Women who were raped and murdered...

Jancita Eagle Deer    

Jancita Eagle Deer

Wake up Amerikkka, what you see is what you get=

Raped and Murdered by Former South Dakota Governor and SERIAL RAPIST William Janklow...

who has a special place in HELL reserved just for him!

Janklow stated... 

"It wasn't rape; just the preliminaries."

 A statement made about the FIRST Lakota girl he Raped!

Jancita Eagle Deer was found dead 2 weeks before she was to testify. She was last seen ALIVE with Janklow according to two witnesses, one of which was found DEAD in Rapid City. 

The EVIL SATANICALLY INSPIRED FBI has gone out of their way to protect this DEMON FROM HELL...

anna in kitchen with daughters

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

Raped and Murdered by members of the American Indian Movement with the FBI in full knowledge of everything and yet who did nothing except allow for this crime to be covered up for years...

NO American Indian Movement leader or member has ever exposed the WHOLE truth about Anna Mae's murder... including Russell Means (AN INDIAN PROBLEM!) Dennis Banks, Leonard Peltier, the Belcourt brother's, John Trudell....NO ONE! 

Truly the blood of these two innocent women cry out from the ground for justice to be done and so it shall be, if not in the realms of time, then in the realms of eternity!

And fear not them who are able to kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.     Jesus - Matthew 10:25

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Paul - Ephesians 6:12


"Indian Country" History 101

Not nice history!

Contemporary Information!

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Richard Boyden, a full blooded Caucasian, NOT a 'wannabe' or 'new ager'', is the Founder of Operation Morning Star. 

 Former Marine, Combat Veteran, Former Instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University (Taught "Investigative Journalism"), Counselor of Suicide At Risk Indian Youth,  Radio Talk Show Host, Wannabe Writer, and a "Sinner"!

Information related to teaching, past radio talk show programs, investigative journalism, and personal convictions pertaining to the day and age in which we live is found on his Personal Web Page. 

Personal Web Page

Short Bio

Writings By Richard Boyden - Commentaries and Published


The White Man's 400 year Tsunami Against American Indians

By Richard Boyden

Published in the Kansas City Star


Self-Murder - The Deception of Suicide In Indian Country

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to do it….”

By Richard Boyden - Published in the Dakota Lakota Journal


Differences in compensation between victims of September 11 and those who die serving our country in Uniform! 

YIKES...this was a RUSH LIMBAUGH commentary and on the money!




graphic by Sonja Keohane

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Dana Tiger

Dana is a profound and brave American Indian Woman who's art work expresses the spirit of "Warrior Women".

Warrior Women

From the depths of women’s souls comes the power to unite and create change.  The watchful full moon has seen their courage hold fast over many seasons.

The warrior hearts of women will forever charge forward with a force of such power that we will take notice, survive and thrive.

Honoring the Historical dignity and contemporary determination of Native American women


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The Dakota/Lakota/Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition (DLN)



(with animated pictures!)


Indian Country Today




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United Native America


Rosebud Sioux Tribe LIVE


Cancer and Essiac Tea


Operation Morning Star 



New Signs

The best sign Makers Around PERIOD! 

They do ours! 

Mention OMS! 



Where "fangs" are restored and made chewing capable! 

Michael Kahn, DDS

3711 West 133d Street

Leawood, KS 66209


Based upon MY Personal "Fang" Experience, 

Dr. Kahn Is The Best in Kansas City PERIOD!

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"Best in the Midwest"


816-461-3323 - Vince Cunningham 

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Hometown Service and Professional Expertise As It Used To Be

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Cancer and Essiac Tea

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